Artist Statement

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Sarah Leahy is a New York based artist who creates paintings and constructions using black India ink painted onto the surface of clear plexiglass. The body of the plexiglass, the medium and manipulation of it, are intended to be as direct and tactile as possible. Her work frames different spaces with a particular condition of light. From room-size constructions to small-scale imagery, the viewer is conscious of themselves in relation to the scale, the surface and image. In contrast to the perceptual din that deflects our attention in a saturated environment, the accumulation of tones and images in the work creates a quiet presence that is immediate and intimate for the viewer, allowing the viewer territory to internalize their experience.

Leahy has completed eight solo exhibitions with Kim Foster Gallery in New York. She has participated in exhibitions in The Alexandria Museum of Art in LA, The University of North Carolina in DL, The Visual Arts Center in NJ, The Albright Knox Art Gallery in NY, The National Academy Museum in NY, Art Miami and Art Chicago. She has been the recipient of a grant from The New York State Foundation for the Arts, an ongoing studio recipient from The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, a Norfolk Fellowship from Yale University and a BA from Bennington College. Leahy’s work is in private collections in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Pittsburg, as well as Canada and the UK. Reviewed in the New York Times by Grace Gluck who said; “Her aim is too capture light..This is the path she has chosen and it works.”